FoodLINE is the newest Bahraini online food delivery service operating in the Kingdom with (+973) 1718-1718 customer support which is available thru WhatsAPP, phoneline and email.

We ensure that our "Service is within your fingertips" and connects to your favourite brands near you.

We simply serve as an ordering platform that everyone can join for FREE, create order and deliver with a completely automated process. So you don't have to deal with all the hassle of ordering and we make sure that you receive your order on time.

FoodLINE registration requires either of the following:

1. Valid mobile number

2. Valid Facebook account

3. Valid E-mail address

After registering your details, you will receive an email or OTP for account confirmation.

FoodLINE has a wide variety of vendors covering around the Kingdom where you can easily order online. You don’t have to worry about language barriers or miscommunications on orders or face “number busy” on the phone. 

FoodLINE app is totally a FREE of charge, the only charges you will pay is for every purchase or transaction you made.

You can simply follow the flow smoothly as stated below:

1. Locate your exact location to activate the nearest brands near you.

2. Choose your brand by clicking the logo icon.

3. Select the item by clicking add to cart

4. Checkout and pay and we will deliver.

Contact us thru WhatsAPP or Call (+973) 1718-1718 if you need to add, remove or change items from your order. However, please note that if the brand already dispatched your order then any additional items may be accounted for as a new order.

If you have any issues with your order, you can notify us thru WhatsAPP or Call (+973) 1718-1718 or send us the details thru customercare@foodline.me

Cancellation is subject to strict policy (i.e. for late orders, missing items, wrong item)

Yes, you can cancel your order within 5 minutes of placing the order. Please note that cancelling after 5 minutes cannot be entertained as the order will be in preparation mode at the branch near you.

You have to go in to “My order “ and check if your latest order was listed as successful.

The refund process duration is defined by the type of payment you have used. The refund process for Mastercard and Visa may take up to 10 days or you can reorder for any other service or the same one by just keeping that money as credit with us.

If you forgot your password or blocked your account, please click the “forgot your password” and follow the instructions and get a new password.

Yes, you can add as many addresses you need to a single account. Got to “Manage Addresses” and add the new address.

Yes, you can view all the latest promotional offers and avail your discount coupons and enjoy cross offers between all our services, so please update yourself on a regular basis.

Yes, you can rate and write a review about your last order. You can simply go in to “My orders” on the main page and click on to the respective order and rate or review.